Some of you may not know that beyond the day-to-day work I do as an Executive Coach, Speaker and Leadership Development trainer, I am also a social entrepreneur. Since 2007 I have been mentoring, coaching and training global, grass-roots, positive change agents — I call these folks “Earth Angels”. They are guided by love and take active steps to informally or formally create good in their communities. I have literally spent 1,000s of hours investing in these leaders, many of whom are from Africa.

My husband David is Nigerian. This means, I too am proudly Nigerian (and American by birth). He and I are both certified in Applied Positive Psychology. He too is a certified coach. We both know the power of doing our own inner work as leaders. As this work of investing in leaders has progressed, we decided about a year ago to start formalizing our efforts. We established the Earth Angels Rise Foundation.

We have a huge vision of seeing leaders rise. We are taking small, determined steps day-by-day to create transformation. (Yes, a website will come, and a full-blown digital learning platform is our vision). We see that many of these good-hearted leaders are stuck in past pain, stuck in underlying fears and self-judgment. They often work to the point of burnout (and then can’t make much impact when they are exhausted to that point).

They do a lot of good but they are sometimes not feeling well mentally, emotionally or physically. As I have mentored and coached these leaders one by one, I saw that as they did inner work, as they grew their mental, emotional and physical resilience, they became much more energized and able to create purposeful impact. And, they became more well and healthy—they began to thrive in their lives.

We believe that Earth Angels can BE WELL as they DO GOOD. So, we forge ahead.

I have created a Facebook Group called Earth Angels Rise Thrive Academy where I’m actively teaching, coaching and mentoring. (We have over 100 leaders in the group this year!) I also leverage WhatsApp to teach groups. I have done more formal trainings for local non-profit leaders here in the USA.

I also launched an Earth Angels Rise YouTube Channel where I’m creating informal, powerful learning videos so that more people can benefit. I’ve already posted 2 powerful videos on Observing the Mind and on Getting Beyond Shame.

Please subscribe to the channel and share with others who might benefit. The videos are going to get more professional and creative by the day…but it was time to just get started! Call me crazy — Yes, I am!

I am on a mission to help Earth Angels Rise. If they rise, they create a ripple effect of well-being and as they grow as leaders, they help others rise. I’d love for you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

And, I encourage you to read The Power of Unreasonable People, an excellent book I read in 2019 on social entrepreneurs. To transform humanity, we need more unreasonable people willing to create the new. I’m so excited as 2020 is loading. I am actively growing and boldly taking steps to do my part in transforming humanity.


I've been working with business and government leaders for 20+ years as a Senior Executive Coach (PCC, ICF) and Leadership Development and Positive Psychology Consultant. I help leaders apply positive psychology to awaken to their highest potential and leave a lasting positive impact in their own unique way. Learn More


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