As a life transformation and executive coach, I know very well that it takes effort to heal. Here are a few insights that emerged for me this morning as I opened to the opportunities that are coming about in real-time across the planet.

The world needs healing. One story, one human trauma at a time.

We are called to:

1. Heal within. What pain in us still hinders our full power at this moment? What trauma, disappointment,  grief, sadness, despair is knocking on the door of our hearts ready for us to give it attention so we find the wisdom, release the old emotions, and move forward more free and clear and capable? What if each of us began to look within and do the work of personal healing? As we become freer of unprocessed pain, we become more present, wiser, more able to be the full embodiment of our highest potential. Whatever is triggered in us right now brings the opportunity to look within and examine our own pain.

2. Be a safe healing presence for others. We can practice being present, listening deeply, offering acceptance for wherever others are emotional. We can kindly love those around us at the moment holding the space as these powerful emotions surge. The miracle of our love begins to transform the situation. We can get more comfortable in the uncomfortable current mix of messy emotions that exist knowing that every person on the planet is being beckoned forth to heal, to transform, to grow to their next level. We can see that doing this honest, deep work of working with the collective past harms done in this nation will lead us toward the opportunity to create new, better systems that are more equitable and just.

3. Hold the higher vision of healing for the entire planet. We can rise to the bigger picture of humanity and see that possibilities are emerging—that there is a harmonious, freeing way to coexist. More and more humans are waking up to their power individually and collectively. Archaic control paradigms are no longer welcome nor acceptable to the majority of us. We, humans, are ready for something higher, better, and based on wellness for all, not just a few. We can hold this vision. We can then ask: what is my individual role in bringing this about right where I am in my current situation? What is the greater purpose to which I am called in these unique times? Growth and transformation are often messy and emotional processes.

Old repressed suppressed, ignored emotions must be felt and transformed to heal so that the deeper gems of wisdom can be found.

I feel hope for humanity.

I see tremendous work needed to bring about change.

I see possibilities.

I see us all ready for the new.

I see us recognizing our common humanity.

I see us rawer, bolder, more honest, more ready to do the work needed to rise to the next level of growth needed across this planet.

I am ready to play my part each day. What do you see?


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