In a recent article I wrote for Atlassian I discussed three advantages of leveraging a mindful approach to leadership. In the Executive Coaching I do I see leaders actively work on mastering this approach — and the results they get from the work they put in is phenomenal. I encourage you to read through these 3 advantages and then click on the link to the full article to find the one insight you can apply as you optimize your leadership from now until the end of the year.

Mindful leadership may sound like a “fluffy” term, but it’s quite the opposite. It takes a lot of focus and hard work to develop a skill set around mindfulness. Yet, the efforts and practice pay off. In the thousands of hours I’ve spent coaching executives and leaders, I’ve seen that leveraging mindfulness in the workplace brings leaders significant advantages.

Advantage 1: The mindful leader has the most power in the room.

They may not always be the loudest voice but they are the one paying the closest attention. They keep their inner commentary and reactions at bay. They get present and study what’s going on in the room. They don’t get caught in pettiness or politics. They rise above and see the bigger picture, noticing solutions that others simply can’t perceive. They speak up in moments that matter and, when they do, their voice is respected.

Advantage 2: The mindful leader creates high-performing, cohesive teams.

The mindful leader’s approach to individual and team interactions cultivates a sense of psychological safety and loyalty. The people around the mindful leader want to show up and do their best because they feel cared for, appreciated, and seen for their unique strengths and efforts. They know the mindful leader truly cares about them, which motivates them to continually bring their best to the work.

Advantage 3: The mindful leader experiences stressful times in a more peaceful, healthy way.

The mindful leader realizes they can actively foster inner peace and well-being as they walk through challenges and focus on business results.  Because of the self-mastery they have nurtured, mindful leaders know how to navigate difficulties in a more calm and responsive way.

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