Create new levels of business results, collaboration, innovation, and joy in the workplace.

POE’s proven approach with team coaching journeys includes:

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly team learning sessions to infuse a common mindset, learning, and language to help a team grow together as a group.

Agile learning sessions—customizing the learning as the journey unfolds to meet the specific needs that are discovered in real-time.

Leveraging the Clifton Strengthsfinder individual reports and team strengths grid to help team members grow their appreciation for their differences, and find ways to leverage their strengths in order to maximize collaboration and understanding.

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly individual coaching sessions for key team members to personalize the learning and accelerate a team member's ability to work more effectively.

Optional: Listening sessions across the team before a team coaching journey begins in order to assist in uncovering key opportunities.

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