I Went From Crying In My Office Every Day To Coaching World Leaders. Here's How…

I realized that if I wanted peace and happiness, then I would need to become dedicated to healing myself.

Three months after my first daughter, Maggie, was born, the doctors told us she may never walk or talk.

The news broke me apart.

I spent most afternoons crying in my office at work, until I began to ask myself some very simple (but painful) questions:

  • Why am I suffering so much?
  • What's at the root of this?
  • What was I put on this planet to do?
  • What's my purpose?
  • How can I be at peace no matter what challenge I'm living through?

That's where my inner work began.

I realized...

I realized that if I wanted peace and happiness, then I would need to become dedicated to healing myself.

I realized...


Then I became committed to my inner work, practicing daily, targeted exercises that transformed me from within.


But after two years...

After two years of intense inner examination, I'd achieved much more peace. But I still wasn't happy in my professional career.

But after two years...

I relentlessly pursued the life I wanted to live.

When my coworkers popped in one morning and asked if I wanted to join them at an event for the day, I jumped at the opportunity.

Little did I know…

That event would change my professional path for good.

Because as it turned out, it was an event for coaches.

When I walked through the door, I had no idea what a coach even was. But by the time I left, I knew I was destined to be one.

I knew that I was meant to work with world leaders and global change agents.

I realized that I was meant to be on-stage sharing ideas that helped people reach their full potential.

Within the next year, I went through the necessary training to become a coach and began working with clients.

I was still working at my corporate job, but I coached my clients in my car on my lunch breaks and from home on the evenings and weekends.

I relentlessly pursued the life I wanted to live.

I had seen how I had healed my own suffering by "coaching" myself, and I became extremely committed to helping others do the same.

Along the way, I used every difficulty in my own life to equip myself further.

I became certified in Applied Positive Psychology. I got certified in Emotional Intelligence. I became a certified resilience trainer. And I became a Trauma-Informed Coach.

I did these things first to help, heal, and equip myself to thrive. And as a result…

I have all this expertise and experience to share with the clients I serve.

Professional Coaching Credentials

Patricia Omoqui is a Certified Chief Happiness Officer (WOHASU), certified in Applied Positive Psychology, a Certified Resilience trainer in the Bounce Back Better program, and certified as a Trauma-Informed Coach.

patricia_omoqui_coaching_accreditations_color_6 seconds

I've remained committed to living my purpose and helping my clients break free of the hidden internal blocks that hold them back from achieving their highest potential.

It's been 17 years since I started coaching, and while I've had plenty of ups and downs — the rigor of my daughter's disease and being a full-time caretaker, a mother of 3, and a purpose-driven leader…

I've remained committed to living my purpose and helping my clients break free of the hidden internal blocks that hold them back from achieving their highest potential — the same way I broke through my own internal (and external) challenges and created a life I love.

Through my "Mental Metamorphosis" Process, I use the power of positive psychology to help world leaders and powerful executives move into new realms of impact in their personal and professional lives.



in ALL aspects of their lives.

In her personal life, Patricia is:


A former professional basketball player (Brazil, England and Sweden).


A global citizen, happily married to a Nigerian.


Mom to 3 daughters, one of whom has a rare disease and special needs.


A fierce advocate for inclusion and diversity.


Co-founder of the Earth Angels Rise Foundation, which helps grassroots African leaders grow their impact and increase their ability to thrive.

Patricia has also:


Published a book, Clarify Your Purpose & Live It. My second book, Corporate Soulwork, will be published in 2022.


Been published in Fast Company, as well as the Atlassian Work-Life Blog.


Co-created The Certificate In Positive Psychology Consulting (CPPC) course for The Flourishing Center.

You too can break free from the unconscious patterns keeping you trapped and create new limitless possibilities for your life

Our "Mental Metamorphosis" Process Can Help You…


Resolve the hidden blocks that are keeping you stuck and causing you to relive the same painful patterns.


Identify the areas where you've been sacrificing your own wellbeing, and determine how to consciously use self-care to move forward in a more holistic way.


Determine the unique impact that only you can make on the world, and figure out which actions to take NOW to ensure you leave a legacy.


Pinpoint the brighter future that is waiting for you, and start taking tangible steps toward it every day.


Get into alignment with your purpose, so that whatever goals you're striving to achieve in your work and personal life happen almost effortlessly.

The First Step Is A Free, 30-Minute Transformation Assessment

Want To Know More About Working With Us?

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

You want more impact, more business results, more joy and more purpose. You want to live up to your full potential. But you're not sure where to go next.

We can help with that.

Patricia Omoqui Enterprises (POE) Executive Coaching services are designed to take top performers to new levels of business results, personal resilience, and purpose-driven leadership impact.

POE offers Individual Coaching for C-Suite leaders, senior executives, high-potentials, female and diverse leaders, and acquired leaders.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development & Resilience Training

Patricia Omoqui Enterprises (POE) leverages a human-centered, research-based approach to leadership development training. Sessions are available both virtually and in person and can be customized based on your organization’s culture and context.

POE also offers the Bounce Back Better (B3) resilience training program to guide your team in mastering the mental, emotional, physical, and social skills of resilience critical for navigating a VUCA world. These energizing and engaging sessions can be delivered both in-person and/or virtually.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Patricia Omoqui Enterprises (POE) Team Coaching services are designed to support teams to reach and create new levels of business results, collaboration, innovation, and joy in the workplace.

POE’s proven approach to team coaching journeys includes:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly team learning sessions to infuse a common mindset, learning, and language to help a team grow together as a group
  • An agile approach to the learning sessions includes customizing the learning as the journey unfolds to meet the specific needs that are discovered in real-time.

Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing Consulting

Patricia Omoqui Enterprise's (POE) consultants serve as workplace mental health, psychological safety, and well-being consultants to world-changing organizations.

We help companies implement enterprise-wide software to align with ISO 45003 occupational health and safety guidelines for identifying and managing psychosocial risks and hazards in the workplace.

We have unequaled expertise in implementing the science of positive psychology to create profound business results for organizations.

POE consulting services strive to help your organization improve workplace morale, and employee engagement, and drive progress in key company initiatives.

Keynote Speaker

Patricia Omoqui, Keynote Speaker

Are you planning an event, and are you in need of an impactful, entertaining speaker?

You're in the right place.

Using Patricia's own transformation story and the insights she's gleaned from working with international organizations and leaders across the world, Patricia has entertained audiences at organizations like:

  • DOW Chemical Company
  • Princeton University
  • Siemens
  • United Way

And many more.