Doesn’t it get exhausting trying to hide? Aren’t you tired yet of shrinking in shame and missing out on opportunities? A major thinking shift each of us can make is about daring to be different.

Often we worry about what others think of us. We sit and drain our energy contemplating how people perceive us. And, if we get a strange look we assume people are judging us. Then, we shrink and play small in our lives. We are overly self-conscious.

We hesitate rather than step forward to take the opportunities we want. (The funny thing is — they too are worried about how we perceive them! What are we as humans doing to ourselves…ha ha ha…it’s all quite ironic, isn’t it?).

What if we began to own the things that make us unique? That accent you have, it’s part of your brand. That birthmark on your face is something memorable. That curly hair, well it’s awesomely cool. That limp when you walk, well people will know you are coming and never forget you!

I have 3 mixed-race daughters,— yes, my husband is Nigerian and I am a white American. My oldest was born with a rare disease (Prader Willi Syndrome) and special needs. She is incredibly different than the norm and it causes her to stand out. Should she be ashamed of who she is? Absolutely not. We celebrate her eccentric style! When folks criticize her or her look at her funny, well she has learned to say: I like who I am mom and I don’t care what other people say.

Her perspective constantly inspires and challenges me to own who I am too. When we free ourselves from shame and we move into self-acceptance, life begins to open up. We move from our deep authenticity and we simply go for what we desire. We inspire others when we love and accept ourselves. We become living examples of leaders who simply are who they are—and when we accept ourselves, we have the ability to more fully accept others.

So, I leave you with some powerful questions to journal on… How might those things you feel embarrassed about actually be part of your remarkable, authentic, memorable brand? What if you stopped worrying about what others think and instead chose to be comfortable with who you are? How bold would you become? How bright would you shine? What breakthroughs would come about?

Open to these powerful questions.


Find the support of a coach if you need it.

Do the inner work to get the outer breakthroughs!


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