In this weekend ahead, why not spend some time taking some deep breaths.

What if you could relax, even just for a few minutes, and open your mind and heart?

What if as you relax into a moment of silence you allow some of your deeper answers to emerge?

This time is so unusual. We aren’t able to hustle and bustle in the same way we were used to. Our lives are upside down and inside out! We see that literally with Covid-19 people are dying because they can’t breathe. We see that police brutality is causing people to die: “I can’t breathe” are words that literally echo across these videos we see. As we pay attention to this theme of humanity of being unable to breathe, what if each of us took some time on a daily basis to simply connect to the power of our breath?

As we breathe, we are able to calm the mind. Rather than staying in an underlying state of anxiety and “fight or flight,” a few deep breaths literally can change how you feel.

Try it now.

Take 5 deep breaths and experiment. What do you notice?

As I led a mental resilience training this week with a group of leaders who felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and constantly worried, we did just that. After a few deep breaths they said: “Wow, I feel so much better.”

So, what is in the way of us taking a few deep breaths on a regular basis? I created a 1-minute video as a reminder…to Take a Deep Breath. The video takes you even further to the deeper questions that we can begin answering to find purpose and meaning in these crazy circumstances we are walking through. I encourage you to watch it, maybe on a daily basis…to simply remind yourself to calm your body and mind, open your heart and allow yourself to listen to your heart speak to you. (I’m creating a 5-minute meditation this week that will take you even deeper in this…stay tuned!).

For now, watch this 1-minute inspiring video so you stay willing to breathe, to open, to see what small ways you may be able to use your love to create positive change in our world. Then, if you want to go further in opening to your heart and your deeper calling in this time, check out this other video I created reminding us to Be the One The World Needs Now.

I’m here for you. I coach, train, and mentor those who are wanting to do the work of inner transformation. It’s exciting to do this work with those who are ready! So, if you are ready, reach out. Take that next step. Enjoy the weekend ahead! Share these short videos with friends, family, and co-workers who also need these reminders. We are in this journey together, friends and we are in it for life. Please don’t feel alone at this time. Reach out for a conversation if you need it.

Sending a purposeful smile,



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