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Patricia Omoqui is the author of Clarify Your Purpose & Live It and Corporate Soulwork (coming soon). She's been featured in Fast Company and the Atlassian Work Life Blog.

So if you need a respected authority on executive coaching, leadership development, workplace mental health, and/or positive psychology to contribute to your publication, contact us.




This underappreciated leadership style has 3 major advantages

Mindful leadership is a leadership style in which managers learn how to consciously cultivate their ability to be present, open-minded, and compassionate when interacting with their team members—and they show the same care and consideration to themselves.

It’s about shutting down the mind’s “busy mode” to notice and respond to what’s happening in the moment instead of defaulting to reactive patterns. Continue reading article...


The real reason your team won’t give you honest feedback

As a leader, there are few things more uncomfortable than asking your team for feedback, only to be met with silence.

I recently witnessed this scenario play out firsthand. Unfortunately, in this case, the well-meaning leader made the situation worse by responding to the team’s silence with an angry outburst.

Afterward, he asked me: “What is wrong with these people? I told them I want to know what’s on their minds, yet they sit mute and unresponsive.” Continue reading article...


Do your team a favor and start delegating more

Do you struggle with delegating? If so, you’re far from alone.

When coaching leaders at all levels, I notice that when I bring up the “D” word (delegate), they start squirming in their chairs. Why? Well, a lot of them aren’t great at delegating. That means they’re missing out on the tremendous value and opportunities that delegating would provide to them and to their team members. Continue reading article...


Don’t want to return to the office? Here’s what to do

As offices begin to reopen, you might be one of the many people who are feeling an increasing sense of dread. After finally finding a sustainable work-life balance, a return to the old office schedule no longer fits the paradigm of what you know can be possible. To have this situation yanked from under you might make you feel sick to your stomach.

Well, believe it or not, that knot in your stomach is actually an incredible opportunity: it’s the chance to learn and practice self-advocacy. Continue reading article...