Day-in and day-out for over 15 years I have worked with corporate leaders, social entrepreneurs, and good-hearted people to help them transform their minds one thought at a time so they can get new results in their lives. Today I want to share a simple exercise to help you take a fear and upgrade it to a thought of vision.

I will go first with a real-life example. (Yes fears do still pop into my mind. But I don’t let them linger very long.)

It’s okay to have fear. The opportunity is to not get trapped in the fear.

1. Write down the Fear. (Remember fear = a negative visualization of the future.) Here is one of my fears: I may not fully reach my potential nor be able to get the resources I need to fund Earth Angels Rise Foundation to the next level. I may fail. What if I CAN’T figure out how to get this movement off the ground?

Then notice: how do you feel when you focus on the fear? Fear triggers an emotional response. For me, When I dwell on my, fear I get anxious, feel pressure, get stuck, and get tired emotionally and physically. EMOTIONS trigger actions/inaction. When I focus on the fear then I get discouraged and I don’t take as much action as I really could take in that day to create what I truly want.

2. Use this powerful question to PIVOT – – with this powerful question: If I don’t want that negative future, what do I want instead?

3. Now turn the fear into a statement of Vision. (A vision = a positive visualization of the future). Here is what I want in my future: I am going to live my vision to the fullest each day. I may not have loads of money YET but I will take the resources I have today and create a loving impact in the best way I can today.

If I do my best today and keep taking steps, I am going to find greater funding, and this Earth Angels movement will grow bigger. My thought of vision triggers an emotional response: when I focus on these thoughts, I feel optimistic, I am more energized. Then, my emotion triggers actions: So, I just take the next step today rather than getting overwhelmed by my big vision. I lighten up and just do what is right in front of me.

NOW YOU TRY IT — Do so here in the comments (if you want me to help you amp up your vision thinking) or get a paper and pen and do it at your desk.

Take 1 of your fears. Use the powerful question to pivot. Then turn the fear into a statement of your vision.

If we stay focused on our vision we get a higher result during the day. We have CHOICE in the thoughts we focus on. Each of us has the power to re-train our minds. This requires building new mental muscles and going to the “inner gym” each day. It becomes enjoyable once you get the hang of it.

I will keep posting content here to keep you moving in the journey of transforming your life. Leave a comment. Share this blog with someone who needs it today. Find a friend and work on this together. Let’s rise together to our highest potential!


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