You're planning an event, and you need to find an impactful, entertaining speaker...

You're in the right place. Using my own transformation story and the insights I've gleaned from working with international organizations and leaders across the world, I've entertained audiences at organizations like Siemens, United Way, Princeton University, Accenture, DOW Chemical Company and more.

I've worked tirelessly to distill some of the most transformational lessons from my coaching and consulting into engaging talks that deeply move and energize listeners.

Some topics include:

Harness the Power of Your Mind: Transform From the Inside Out

Professional Mastery: Be the CEO of Your Own Journey

Waking Up In a Corporate Cubicle: Activate Your Potential, Peace, Purpose and Power Right Where You Are Today

Clarify Your Purpose and Live It—In Any Circumstance

From Worrier to Warrior: Increase Your Mental Resilience

Resilient Leadership Series: A 12-module learning journey focused on mental, emotional, and physical resilience skills mastery

(Custom topics are available upon request.)

New Ideas Plant Seeds of Transformation that Lead us to Powerful Change

Life presents all of us with challenges.

"Patricia’s presentations were inspiring and practical. Many of our Executive Women came away with specific insights they could use in getting new results in their personal and professional lives."

For me, it was a daughter born with a rare and incurable genetic condition.

For you, your peers, or your employees, it may be something different.

And while I've learned (the hard way) that we often cannot change the hand of cards life deals us…

We can change how we play that hand.

And the path from suffering to flourishing often isn't as difficult as we think.

Many times, it begins with an idea.

A question.

A simple shift.

A change that is available in an instant.

Those sorts of life-changing instantaneous shifts are what I aim to give listeners every time I pick up a microphone.

Through the unique experiences of playing professional basketball internationally, raising a daughter with a rare genetic condition, and working intimately with world leaders over the past 17 years…

I've discovered how to help people make positive changes in their lives through consistent, daily practices that bring new results.

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Professional Coaching Credentials

Patricia Omoqui is a Certified Chief Happiness Officer (WOHASU), certified in Applied Positive Psychology, a Certified Resilience trainer in the Bounce Back Better program, and certified as a Trauma-Informed Coach.

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