Life can become quite exciting as we simply take that next step of action that we know is needed. So, why do we hesitate? What gets in the way?

I wrote an article on LinkedIn yesterday that shared a personal experience on how I got stuck in inaction last year. I hesitated on my next step. I got myself stuck. I played small. I let my fear and self-doubt get in the way. I made excuses…(Yes, the article humbly and vulnerably spells out how I as a coach also spun my wheels for far too long- check it out).

Thankfully, I saw what I was doing to myself and eventually got into action and I am so grateful I finally did. I’m going to keep it really short today: Your inner voice is whispering to you. It is giving you your next steps. What if this week you began to listen, write down the next steps, and then with BOLDNESS, with COURAGE – Just take that one small, next step? How would it feel to get over playing small? How would it feel to just BE YOUR BEST today and get into action? Why not astound yourself with your willingness to follow through?

Remember, it can be a tiny next step—anything that will get you moving an inch forward on the path to what your heart desires.

So, I challenge you: COMMIT by COMMENTING.

State your next step here. Putting your next step in writing begins to activate it.

I encourage you to share this blog with your friend or colleague who needs it. Our world gets better as we each grow! My passion is seeing leaders rise to their next level. Knowing that I am working on myself too. This is a week of activation! Let’s do the little things day after day….and then watch the breakthroughs come about in due time!

We rise together!


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