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No matter how much you or your team have already accomplished, it is possible to discover new levels of purpose and potential—and joy.

The first step is a 30-minute transformation assessment.

POE delivers a holistic and practical approach to accelerate self-awareness, leadership capabilities, and organizational performance.

Patricia Omoqui Enterprises (POE) partners with clients across a broad range of industries including financial and professional services, technology, chemicals, venture capital, private equity, and others.

We partner with world-class leaders and teams that are committed to going to the next level in their professional and personal success.

Our team coaches and trains leaders and their teams to collaborate more effectively, unlock potential and innovation, and maximize business results. Our research-based positive psychology and strengths-based approach supports leaders and their teams to move from just surviving to thriving.

POE also leverages enterprise software solutions to evaluate and address workplace mental health, psychological safety, and wellbeing. These solutions provide data-driven assessments to help companies adopt international best practices—ISO 45003 Psychological Health and Safety at Work.

Who we work with:

We work with individuals who:

  • Are globally recognized as top-performers in their field
  • Lead world-changing teams or organizations
  • Have reached unprecedented notoriety, but still feel like something's missing
  • Have the power to impact millions of people worldwide
  • Want to reach the highest levels of purpose and impact possible

We work with organizations that:

  • Are seeking to infuse their teams with new levels of positivity and motivation
  • Want to raise the emotional intelligence of their top leaders to help their teams achieve more
  • Are ready to identify and focus on the key elements that will "move the needle" for their business
  • Desire to keep their teams emotionally and mentally healthy in the midst of their demanding roles
  • Are purpose-driven, working to create true and positive change in the world

Brands We've Partnered With

"The feedback was pointed and challenged me, which was appreciated. It was an energizing experience!"

Patricia Omoqui has been working with business and government leaders for 20+ years as a Senior Executive Coach (PCC, ICF) and Leadership Development and Positive Psychology Consultant with a mission to help leaders:

  • Awaken to their highest potential and leave a lasting positive impact in their own unique way
  • Reach new levels of success by aligning their inner emotional state with their outer goals
  • Boost their confidence, so they can consistently get better results in their organizations
  • Help their teams achieve more by raising their own emotional intelligence
  • Identify and focus on the key elements that will "move the needle" for their organizations
  • Stay emotionally and mentally healthy in the midst of their demanding roles
  • Get clarity on their strategy, vision, and leadership style

You too can break free from the unconscious patterns keeping you trapped and create new limitless possibilities for your life

Our "Mental Metamorphosis" Process Can Help You…


Resolve the hidden blocks that are keeping you stuck and causing you to relive the same painful patterns.


Identify the areas where you've been sacrificing your own wellbeing, and determine how to consciously use self-care to move forward in a more holistic way.


Determine the unique impact that only you can make on the world, and figure out which actions to take NOW to ensure you leave a legacy.


Pinpoint the brighter future that is waiting for you, and start taking tangible steps toward it every day.


Get into alignment with your purpose, so that whatever goals you're striving to achieve in your work and personal life happen almost effortlessly.

The First Step Is A Free, 30-Minute Transformation Assessment

Want To Know More About Working With Us?

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

You want more impact, more business results, more joy and more purpose. You want to live up to your full potential. But you're not sure where to go next.

We can help with that.

Patricia Omoqui Enterprises (POE) Executive Coaching services are designed to take top performers to new levels of business results, personal resilience, and purpose-driven leadership impact.

POE offers Individual Coaching for C-Suite leaders, senior executives, high-potentials, female and diverse leaders, and acquired leaders.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development & Resilience Training

Patricia Omoqui Enterprises (POE) leverages a human-centered, research-based approach to leadership development training. Sessions are available both virtually and in person and can be customized based on your organization’s culture and context.

POE also offers the Bounce Back Better (B3) resilience training program to guide your team in mastering the mental, emotional, physical, and social skills of resilience critical for navigating a VUCA world. These energizing and engaging sessions can be delivered both in-person and/or virtually.

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Patricia Omoqui Enterprises (POE) Team Coaching services are designed to support teams to reach and create new levels of business results, collaboration, innovation, and joy in the workplace.

POE’s proven approach to team coaching journeys includes:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly team learning sessions to infuse a common mindset, learning, and language to help a team grow together as a group
  • An agile approach to the learning sessions includes customizing the learning as the journey unfolds to meet the specific needs that are discovered in real-time.

Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing Consulting

Patricia Omoqui Enterprise's (POE) consultants serve as workplace mental health, psychological safety, and well-being consultants to world-changing organizations.

We help companies implement enterprise-wide software to align with ISO 45003 occupational health and safety guidelines for identifying and managing psychosocial risks and hazards in the workplace.

We have unequaled expertise in implementing the science of positive psychology to create profound business results for organizations.

POE consulting services strive to help your organization improve workplace morale, and employee engagement, and drive progress in key company initiatives.

Keynote Speaker

Patricia Omoqui, Keynote Speaker

Are you planning an event, and are you in need of an impactful, entertaining speaker?

You're in the right place.

Using Patricia's own transformation story and the insights she's gleaned from working with international organizations and leaders across the world, Patricia has entertained audiences at organizations like:

  • DOW Chemical Company
  • Princeton University
  • Siemens
  • United Way

And many more.

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