Too often we sit and wait, hoping that others will notice who we are and all that we do. We wait and wait and wait and the feedback we yearn for never comes. People around us are too busy, lost in their own day-to-day life struggle. And, perhaps, they too are waiting to receive an infusion of love and appreciation from us but we aren’t delivering it to them either.

What if today, you stopped waiting? What if today you sat down and wrote yourself a letter of acknowledgment and appreciation? What if you did this from the depths of your heart and soul and put tremendous thought into what you express?

I’m going to take the time to do so today. Even though I have a handful of people in my life who do periodically express verbally or in writing their appreciation of who I am, I see that I need to also step back and pay attention to all that I am and all that I do. Or, my inner critic can get the best of me–pushing me and expecting me to do more and be more….when in reality, all that I am is amazing already.

Give this a try. Even if it is a few lines, start the journey of self-love and appreciation. I guarantee you won’t turn back once you’ve started. It is profound to realize that you have the power to give yourself everything that you are yearning for others to give you.

So, here goes….a simple soul-felt note to me:

Dear Trish, I see you.

Yes, I’ve been watching you and noticing how much you care and how you bring your full self to life. You take the time to notice each person you encounter and be present with them. The way you open your heart is astounding. And, I see that doing this all day, every day takes a toll on you too. Yet, you press on and keep opening your heart in a way that touches people deeply.

Well done for your ability to love so often and so many. I also see that you are working hard on your Divine Life Curriculum. Yesterday after you saw the news that a 4-year-old and a 21-year-old who have Prader Willi Syndrome passed away, you tried to keep forging through your day. And, when your own child with P.W.S. showed moments of grief, crying in your arms, yearning so much to go to college in the future as typical kids do, you held her and made room for the intense emotions that flowed from the depths of her soul.

You are a brave soul, Trish. The backdrop of your life is not an easy one and few truly understand the depths of what it means to be a mother of a child who has a rare condition like this. People don’t see how you are working so hard to ensure all 3 kids get the fullness of your being.

But, I see you. I see you willing to calmly press through intense situations and bring your best to all your family members. I see you show up and put your emotions aside to share loving moments and joyful ones throughout the day. I see you being thoughtful toward your husband. I see you thinking of and reaching out to your friends and mentees.

Remember, Trish, that it is essential for you to keep taking care of yourself. Just like you did this morning, getting up before the rest of the family to meditate and pray, to allow yourself space to process the feelings of days past and come to peace–keep this up.

Show up for yourself just as you show up for others. If you do this, you will remain well and sustain yourself for this interesting life marathon you signed up for. You are growing, Trish, by leaps and bounds. Look how far you’ve come in the past few years. Your relentless determination to heal and become peaceful and joyful is paying off. See how many layers of past pain you’ve shed and how much room you’ve made for happiness and joy to fill your life?

You work hard, Trish. Too hard. While I appreciate your efforts, I’d ask that you slow down and step back more often. You deserve some time to just BE. I want you to allow yourself to bring as much love to yourself as you do to the world around you. You’ve started to do more of this and it is working. Keep this up! Thank you, Trish, for being willing to give your all to life.

Thank you, for living your purpose with your whole heart and soul. Thank you for being an Earth Angel. Thank you for staying on the cutting edge of your growth with no fear of being stretched to new levels. Your courage is astounding. Your painful past is turning into brilliant gems of loving wisdom that the world around you benefits from. I

love you deeply, completely, and I thank you today for being who you are.

With love,



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