Many of us are experts at caring for and investing in others. Yet we lack the same level of expertise in pouring love into ourselves.

My generational patterns, passed down to me by my relatives, including the hard-core German belief: work-is-the-only-valuable thing to do. Pleasure, play, Self-care? It was all seen as frivolous, a waste of time and resources.

Thus, I remain on my own cutting edge of growth–learning to lighten up, to relax, to play, to shower myself with compassion.

The good news is that self-love and play are fun life coursework to choose to focus on!

In what way are you needing to love, honor, and cherish yourself more? What generational patterns and beliefs is it time to become more conscious of? (Notice ways you may be sabotaging yourself unconsciously!) I don’t know about you, but I’m 1000% committed to Thrive.

I want to feel great, enjoy my life AS I serve humanity with my unique gifts. So, I am going to keep actualizing all I teach and coach others to be and do. Living the transformation is exciting AND yes, super- uncomfortable. And Totally Worth every ounce of effort.

What is your current life coursework? How can you take steps to Thrive? See you on the cutting edge 😎❤

With all my love,

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.


I've been working with business and government leaders for 20+ years as a Senior Executive Coach (PCC, ICF) and Leadership Development and Positive Psychology Consultant. I help leaders apply positive psychology to awaken to their highest potential and leave a lasting positive impact in their own unique way. Learn More


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