Worked with 2 people yesterday and each was being bullied by negative thoughts. Neither had considered that they could own their power and talk back to the voice of negativity trying to torment them. Let me show you how I guided one to change the inner power dynamic.

The person was a young adult struggling with her self-identity. She had thoughts of hopelessness and despair that were saying things like: You are not good enough. Your body is ugly and fat. Your future is going to be awful.

When these thoughts would pop up she’d listen to them and entertain them. She would walk down the thought trail of despair to the point of wondering if she even wanted to stay on the planet.

We talked at length. I gave her a new question: “When the voice of your Inner bully starts to berate you, what could you say back to her?” She responded: “Hey! Don’t talk to me that way. What you are saying is mean. I don’t have to listen to you if you are going to say things like that.” We then talked about a different voice in her head, the voice of her own best friend. I asked, “How would a best friend talk to you?

She exclaimed, “You are a really great friend. You are a cool person and yes, you are different than others and that is why I like you so much. You can get through any challenge. You are strong.”I asked her how that voice felt. She said, “Listening to that voice makes me feel better inside.” Friend, which voice are you allowing to occupy your mind?

Are you ready to realize you are a big powerful spirit who has a little tool called The Thinking Mind? Are you ready to own your power and tell your inner bully: “No! Shut Your Mouth! Negativity has no more place in my head. I want to feel well not suffer so quiet down you stinky little bully.”You can learn to reclaim your mind one thought at a time. If you practice doing so you will have more energy and peace. You will activate new power. You will empower yourself.

I coach people to inner healing and breakthroughs that last a lifetime and put them on a whole new trajectory of possibilities. Hire me if you are ready to get to work. I guarantee you will be glad you made this investment into yourself.

My clients get results — PEACE, JOY, POWER, HOPE — and from these inner results they start to create new, magnificent results in their outer life too — Promotions, Happier Relationships, Improved Health, Following Their Dreams Again!

It’s fun, purposeful work. Reach out if you are ready.


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