I hope the 5 minutes a day (that is such little time to commit for a mental workout — that ADDS energy to your psychological bank account)–is going very well. And, that you are sticking with it even if you “feel” you don’t want to do it.

A few ideas for those of you who’d like to take it to the next level over the remaining few days of this week:

1. Think of folks you are grateful for – write a list of those people and write down why you are grateful for them. Then, pick one of those people and either, write them a gratitude letter, email or text….or call them to tell them why you are grateful for them OR, visit them in person and READ them the letter while you are together. Imagine the joy and the deep connections that would emerge if you do this! This is a GREAT GIFT idea for the holidays — think of who in your family or friend circle you will see this holiday and how taking 5 minutes to share a gratitude letter with them might encourage their heart and deepen your relationship.

2. Do a gratitude rampage. Instead of writing the gratitude down for 5 minutes, either stand up or take a walk or kneel on your knees and for 5 minutes speak aloud with total emotion and your full being all the things you can think of that you are grateful for. (Caution: if folks are around, they may think you are a bit crazy. I sometimes do this when I take a walk in nature — and the birds and trees don’t seem to mind.) It is a way to REALLY raise your energy. If you can, speak it at the top of your lungs – and unleash your voice with joyful gratitude.

3. Take 5 minutes and brainstorm with a friend – do JOINT Gratitude….decide as a pair that you will really dive in and go back and forth saying 1 thing you are grateful for, then let the friend say 1 thing, then you say 1 thing…this is called Gratitude Ping Pong. Set the timer and see if you can make it to the 5-minute mark.

4. Put on an upbeat song and do a Gratitude Dance — Yes, with your WHOLE body, imagine you are doing a dance for all the good in your life. Really let loose and have fun being thankful for all the good.

Let me know if you have any questions about these “advanced gratitude techniques”. Let us know if you try any of these and share how it goes!

Remember: as you take time for gratitude you are literally CREATING positive Chemicals in the inner pharmacy of your body. You are more powerful in creating wellness in your life than you realize ;)Leave a comment and let me know which of these you will try! Or drop questions if you have them.


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