Part of my calling in life is to help “Earth Angels” (positive grassroots change agents who want to make a difference in their communities) become more effective and able to live out their purpose.

We often think that if we just push forward and ignore or suppress the pains of the past, it won’t affect us. Any unresolved pain or hurt from the past stays in your “Backpack of Pain”. Imagine that each of us has a backpack that we carry around with us. Inside of it are rocks of various sizes that have been energetically deposited inside the backpack each time we have been hurt or suffered an emotionally challenging experience. Most of us don’t take the time to process and release the hurts in real-time — so, they get put in our backpacks.

Day by day, stuff builds up in the backpack and it gets energetically heavier and heavier. We try to pretend it’s not there….but on a regular basis, we get triggered, we find ourselves depressed and without the energy needed to achieve our goals and dreams. Why? We are carrying around a lot of unresolved past junk.

Here’s the good news. Just like the old pains have built up in the backpack over time, they can be cleared out over time until you become FREE. (I also have a Sound Cloud account and have created over 20 audio tracks related to the topic of deep healing and personal transformation).

I encourage you this week to take “stock” of the pains in your backpack. Any old stories of hurt or disappointment that come to your mind periodically – write down this list of pains. Then, pick the one hurt you are ready to work through. We must honor these pains to feel, and then purposefully heal them so the old emotional energy can dissipate and we can resolve this entanglement.

Here’s the good news: Each past pain is part of your Divine Life Curriculum. It’s like courses in the curriculum that you never quite finished. So, when you sit with the pain, you are looking for: What was the powerful lesson in this for me? As a reward for finishing out the course, you get a “gem of wisdom” and the rest of the heavy junk falls away. So, rather than a heavy backpack, instead, you end up only carrying with you a pouch full of wisdom you can now offer the world around you — and usually this pain holds clues to your bigger purpose — to ways that God will use you to help, heal and touch the world around you.

So….here’s what I want to offer you….as you are wrapping up 2019 – why not do some of this inner work and empty your backpack a little bit.

1. Write a list of the past pains and hurts and grief you are carrying around with you in your backpack.

2. Choose the one that you feel ready to give time to. Sit with it. Journal about it. Open to the feelings that you suppressed with the purpose of feeling to release fully and move forward more freely.

3. Find the gem of wisdom: What was this situation here to teach me? How can I leverage this painful story to gain wisdom to carry with me into my future?

4. If needed, write a letter of forgiveness….to express any and every word you need to on paper about the situation. This letter is for YOU. Once you’ve expressed it all, you will either tear it up or burn it or find a symbolic way to release the old as fully as you possibly can.

Note: There are some situations from your past that may require many layers of this work — that’s ok. Just stay focused on healing whatever comes up so that you can drain the old energy layer by layer. Imagine entering 2020 with your backpack less full — how much more energy will you have to live in the present moment? Imagine having that conscious pouch of wisdom to share with the world as you move forward and live your purpose more fully in 2020… might God use you to touch the lives of those who have been through similar hurts and pains?

My desire is to see each Earth Angel rise as high as possible. Yet, so many of us don’t even realize just how weighed down we are by this backpack of pain. Be willing today to become aware of what inner work is needed. Then, day by day, situation by situation, begin to empty out the pain… you can begin to rise higher and higher into the destiny you are designed for.

We rise together.

I know this work is not easy. But, this work will FREE you FOR LIFE. And, by doing it, you will know how to sit with those you serve and help them become Free too. I’m here if you need me. If there are deep traumas that you can’t handle on your own, seek support from some qualified to help you through the healing process.

With all my love,

Mama Trish (what many Earth Angels call me)

Yes, I am a Fellow Earth Angel on the journey who does her healing work every day too – so I know this process first hand. We rise together. We need each other. Together we are more.

We are FAR more powerful than we yet know.


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