I arrived at school yesterday to find Maggie, my 15-year-old daughter, in physical distress. After using my years of expertise to assess the Prader Willi situation (she was born with a rare condition), I asked the school to call 911. Medical attention was required. By the time we reached the hospital, Maggie was coming back to her normal self and responding to me. I took some deep breaths to calm myself. I sat in the chair next to her bed. I worked on my breathing, trying to regroup my own energy. I turned my attention inward and tried to be with myself fully. What popped into my mind: e-mm-OCEAN.

There is such a vast water-like world of emotions constantly ebbing and flowing through our inner worlds. A grand and powerful ocean with currents that run to the depths of the Earth. Why don’t we take time to sit on our inner beachfront to enjoy the waves as we all love to do in this human experience? There are times when the ocean is calm and the water is clear. Kids and adults venture in and are refreshed by the waters. When the winds and the waves pick up, the surfers pull out their boards and await the perfectly formed water wave surge to ride in ecstasy. When the storms come in, and the under-toe of the water is too strong, we are cautioned not to enter these waters or else they may take us down…literally to death. And in the storms, many of us adventurous ones still like to gather on the shore and watch with fascination the crashing of the waves and gaze in awe at the powerful force of the oceanic waters.

This remarkable e-mm-OCEAN within us is a place we could go and be more often. Tuning out the external world and moving into this landscape, much wisdom we would all glean from being with our inner waters. There are so many rich, deep and wide experiences to have with this human journey. How are your inner waters today? I sit with myself right now at 5:28 a.m. after having spent 10 minutes going inside to observe my e-mm-OCEANal state.

I see how as a mom I experienced everything from confusion, fear, frustration, worry, to gratitude and joy for the ambulance, hospital and the positive outcome of Maggie walking intact out of this experience. Flow with life. Allow yourself the full range of e-mm-OCEANs that emerge.

Take more time to visit different inner beaches so you can experience your waters from all angles. And, as you leverage curiosity and childlike play with this flow, you will know yourself more — removing all self-judgment and instead, seeking to understand your BEINGness.

Open to self-compassion as you venture through this intense and challenging human adventure. Allow self-awareness to surge you to new levels of personal growth. Then maximize self-care to give yourself the needed rest and soothing needed as you walk through fascinating difficulties.

It is well, friends. Go within. Be with your e-mm-OCEANs more regularly. Let me know how it goes.

P.S. Maggie is fine today. And, I am tired but grateful for this tremendous insight I was given from above as I walked through yet another P.W.S episode. Say a prayer for strength as I speak to a group today….clearly today, it won’t be my own strength I use …(In God I live and breathe and have my being.)


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