Dear Friend, I just kept getting the inner guidance to reach out to you — I sensed you were going through something very intense.  I know that I don’t know the specifics nor the details, but you’ve shared enough with me over the time we’ve been working together that I am aware of this:  I believe that LIFE is attempting to wake you up and break you free so that you can experience another level of peace, joy, and purpose. Pain doesn’t feel good.  

Yet, when we hit our darkest moments and we feel like everything is falling apart, when we feel like we don’t know what to do anymore or how to handle the intensities of life…these are the GREATEST GIFTS –because it means, we are ready to know and love ourselves at a whole new level. The gift of constant challenge in your life is here to break you open and to help you find a whole new approach.

The gift of your career difficulties is here to allow you space and time to discover yourself and reconfigure your career so that at the end of your life you say — THANK GOD I took the time to find some work that allowed me joy and to make some really important contributions to society. The challenge of your family members’ harsh and abusive presence is to help you wake up to your power.

I am not sure what triggered your current despair.  All I can tell you is that I have been in the same situation.  There were many times after I left my job at Tyco in 2007 when I would get the kids off to school and daycare, and then I would lay in my bed for hours and hours. I would wrap myself in my blanket and pretend it was my safe cocoon.  I was disintegrating. I would cry. I would pray. I would lay in my bed and ask God to help me get through the inner crisis, the total breakdown I was experiencing. I would sleep a lot–my body, mind, and spirit couldn’t get enough sleep. It was all I could do to just get through the day until the kids finally returned from school.  

It was during that time that some of my close relationships were falling apart. I was challenged from every side–financially, personally, and spiritually.  I was literally being stripped of everything that gave me seeming security. I had already discovered my purpose of coaching but Life was causing me to go through an entire healing process of EVERY aspect of my life.  It did not feel good.  In fact, it felt awful for a while.

But, little by little, I faced EVERY fear I had and more and more freedom came for me.  Even in the face of breaking apart, I found that there was peace in the present moment and that to be happy, I really needed very little.  I realized that no matter how bad my circumstances got, there was always a way forward. I discovered that even if those close to me were no longer there, I would always have God’s presence and I would find others who loved me to join me on the journey.  I found that the presence of God sustained me, guided me, and that when I released my fears, I could have peace anytime, anywhere. I was being simplified, purified.  

Day by day, as the fears fell away and I went within, I was shown the truth of who I am and the power I have to be awakened and live my life in pure loving service. I woke up with you on my mind as I meditated so I am just following my inner guidance to share this personal experience with you to encourage your soul during this dark time. Dear Friend, you are VERY powerful.  

Your presence is one that gets people’s attention.  Your heart is golden.  You CARE so deeply and work so hard to take care of the people in your life.  You are multi-talented and can take your gifts and recreate your career — and your entire life– to one that excites you and feels delightful to you.

Doesn’t it make sense that you are being given an enormous opportunity to WAKE UP? You are literally being taken apart …you are discarding the “junk” in your life…you are going to keep the wisdom you’ve gained, the beautiful gifts inside you and you are going to let go of all that no longer serves you.  You are being cleaned out inside. I want you to be aware that falling apart, feeling despair –is all just a natural part of waking up to your power and purpose. Dearest Friend, do not lose hope right now.  There is light all around you. God is there. There is much help available from the Great Cloud of Witnesses on the other side.  There is a celebration: the eternal realms are happy this is happening so that you can find your purpose and joy BEFORE you reach the other side.  

You have angels surrounding you and supporting you and all you have to do is surrender and ASK FOR HELP, for DIVINE guidance, for your eyes to be opened to the possibilities that are already in your reach. I reassure you that it is all going to turn out ok.  A few years from now you will call me and say, “Trish–you were right.  That was the most awful time I had ever had but it turned out to be the absolute best thing that could have happened to me.  Look at me now — I am happy and I love my life.”

Don’t give up now, Friend.  Stay the course.  The power of having a coach is that there is someone to walk with you through this step by step.  And, you happen to have a coach who has gone through some intense pain and come to the other side of it. I’m here if you want to get together. I’m here if all you can do is talk via phone.  I’m here if all you can do is email. I know that our world needs a strong,  beautiful, compassionate person like you to emerge from fear, depression, and despair so that you can shine your light boldly, brightly, and joyfully in your realm of influence. I am here to help. And, I love you and am holding the space for your re-emergence.

Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.

Please know:  My work is to coach people through complete life transformations.  The work is not always comfortable.  Yet, the work is powerful and if one has the courage to move through the process, it is remarkable the miraculous, delightful total overhaul that can happen if you stick with it.


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