Clients Get Result!

Here’s What Clients Say About Patricia’s Coaching

Working with Tricia this past year has literally been life changing.  Despite my best efforts in the past to ‘figure out’ my life direction, I always fell back to routines that weren’t working for me.  Finding the proper balance between family and career has always been difficult, and inevitably, taking care of one self falls by the way side.  Tricia is helping me, one step at a time, to not only define the life I want but teaching me to actually live it.  What has been key for me is having an objective female sounding board who is honest and holds me to task.  The time and money I have invested thus far are the best investment of my life.
— Sarah, Executive & Business Owner
Life has sure changed for me. I would say my coaching with you was the middle of my journey and such an important part. You helped me gain my confidence and see for myself the unhealthy space I was in. . .I am extremely happy now. Thank you very much for the part you played in my life. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to meet and work with you. It really helped me to turn my life around and make things I thought impossible, happen!
— A.R., Business Owner
Patricia Omoqui is a Coach to the Coach! Trust me. You get results.
— Glenn Toby, NFL & NBA Sports Agent
In just a couple of months working with Patricia I have been able to stop my constant worrying and focus on the true passions in my life. I have learned that I cluttered my life with negative thoughts which drained my energy on a daily basis . I now everyday think of things that I am grateful for and realize what truly is important in life. I am constantly focusing on those things that I am passionate about and working on a plan of what I want my in life in regards to a mate, my job and my location. I happened upon Patricia from a friend who sent me her daily thoughts and I know it was no coincidence. I was struggling very hard with worry and despair not knowing how much time and energy I spent on negative thoughts. I would highly recommend anyone to Life Coach with Patricia.
— Jeff, Financial Services Executive
Trish’s coaching jump started the next chapter in my life: Happiness, fulfillment and living to my true potential, both personally and professionally. I came to coaching a bit skeptical, but open, hoping to gain clarity on a very specific decision I needed timely support on — whether or not to make a big move (literally) for my current job.

Trish helped me to step back and identify the larger issue at play — I hadn’t clarified what I want my life to look and feel like on a day-to-day basis. Without that foundational knowledge, how could I possibly make an informed decision about a single job? Through Trish’s focused and friendly-but-firm guidance and questions, I created vision boards (sounds tacky, but uber effective!) that I now look at every day outlining what I want my life — and my family’s — to look like.

I’m inspired by that vision on a daily basis; Trish’s process and personal touch has given me the necessary framework and confidence to take positive and aggressive steps toward achieving what I am uniquely poised to bring to the world. I’m well on my way thanks to her!
— Heather, Media Exeuctive
This is a great journey. I am so grateful to be working with you as a coach. I honestly feel as I have just really started to live. I know that may sound odd. I feel empowered, confident, loved. I trust myself. I have released fear, worry, self doubt, and self limiting thoughts! What a relief! Thank you!
— Jenn, Marketing Professional
Trish has helped me by being a great listener, knowing what questions to ask, knowing when not to ask more questions. While learning about me, not once did she judge me, but always loved me for who I am. She has helped me to be aware of the pain I was living and understand what was causing it. She helped me open up and see things no one else has ever been able to accomplish.

She has taught me how to love myself, which I had lost the ability to do for many years. Trish has put a sparkle in my eye, a skip in my step, and a song in my heart. By using easy techniques she has taught me to look at my life, where I was and where I want to be. She has taught me the importance in taking time for me and to listen to my heart and relax my mind. I now look at others that have been a challenge in my past and look at the true meaning of them in my life. I can find humor in things I never did before and cherish the difference between me and others.

Trish has heard the words of pain, can read the body language and knows when I need inspiration. Her caring words, friendly smile, great sense of humor, and ability to look at things through my eyes; have helped me see things differently. Trish is my angel. She has taken my upside down world and made it fun to be in with wonderful people around me. She is a blessing to me and I thank God everyday for bringing her into my life.
— Brenda, Customer Service Supervisor
Life coaching has been the break through I’ve been searching for. Before using life coaching my thoughts, fears, and doubts controlled me. As a result, I’ve always felt stuck in my current situations and I could never see the positive or opportunities that were presented in front of me.

I would recommend Patricia’s Life Coaching services to others. I’ve always had a hard time opening up to others and letting my guard down. With Trish I felt comfortable and what made the difference is her experiencing some of the same things I’ve gone through. It feels good having someone around to talk to and someone who honestly and truly understands where your coming from without judgment.
— Kim, Coaching Client
I would surely recommend Particia’s Life coaching services to others. Her approach is friendly, casual and productive. She is able to adjust her consultations to suit one’s particular goals and needs.

Above all, Patricia is an energized individual who’s highly positive aura radiates through to her clients through each conversation. One leaves a conversation with Patricia feeling, confidant, determined and correctly positioned to pursue life goals.

Her clear ability to articulate her recommendations and her attention to detail in her follow up correspondence makes working her a fluid and fun process.  Patricia is the kind of good friend that you can always count on for support. In something as precious and valuable as life, there are not many other people that I have encountered that I would let coach me along the journey.
— Alex, Princeton Graduate, Entrepreneur
Working with Trish has improved my life in so many ways!  I can’t even begin to tell you what an impact life coaching has made in my life.  Working with Trish is amazing. She is extremely intuitive and captures everything. The recaps from our sessions are clear and concise. I refer to them daily to review! She is there for you and want you feel good about the experience. We review my goals and what progress has been made. I trust my decisions and move with greater confidence and awareness. This process works. I was unhappy in my job but approached the situation with ease and confidence. I have since left the position and I am moving in such a better direction. Opportunities are coming my way. I am being honest with myself and what I want.. to achieve. Trish guides you in pursuing your dreams and attaining your goals.
— Joseph, Client