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Patricia Omoqui is a life transformation coach, speaker, corporate trainer and writer supporting and inspiring individuals and organizations to reach their potential.

As a life transformation coach she creates a safe, non-judgmental space and makes it feel easy to walk the path of personal breakthroughs. As a speaker, she moves audiences with her inspiring, easy-to-apply teachings, enabling people to move into more of their potential. Dynamic and not afraid to speak the truth, you can’t help but be drawn into new possibilities for your life.

She’s equipped herself with a power tool-kit to facilitate personal and professional transformations of every kind.

• Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)
• Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner
• Emotional Intelligence Assessments
• Resilience Trainer
• Award Winning mediator
• Author of Clarify Your Purpose & Live It
• Global columnist on professional / personal development topics

How did she learn to do this?

Challenging childhood circumstances brought out the best in Patricia.  She  became determined to succeed. She picked up a basketball for the first time at age 16 and became a 1,000 point scorer in 3 years.  After hard-earned success as captain of the Princeton women’s team, she took her basketball to the next step playing professionally in Brazil, England, Sweden. Her corporate career began on the fast track at Tyco International and Accenture.  Then, life stopped her in her tracks. 

Patricia’s first child arrived with a rare disease.  Intense inner suffering caused a breakdown that led to her breakthrough. She soul-searched and found her purpose: to help individuals and groups rise to their full potential. Her passion is to support you in becoming your best.

A global citizen to her core.  Proudly married with 3 delightful daughters.  She’s been mentoring emerging and established leaders for more than a decade. To form a bridge between continents, Patricia and her husband David founded the Earth Angels Rise Foundation.  Their goal is to teach grass roots change agents to BE WELL and THRIVE as they DO GOOD. 

Her presence calms. Her passion is palpable. Her support is enduring.  If you are around her, you naturally yearn to become more of your best self.

Patient and trusting.  Patricia holds the space for others. She knows transformation is a process.  People can only move as fast as they are ready to go. Small steps over time bring exhilarating breakthroughs. With Patricia as a guiding companion, you can’t help but take your next small step into your unique life vision.