How Might Life Change If I Loved Myself for All I Feel?


Emotions come and go. I don't know about you, but I am deeply emotional and feel things to my core. Today I decided to ask myself, "What if I more fully embraced the rich emotions in my journey with no judgment--just total love and acceptance and appreciation for who I am and how I experience life?" Judging ourselves as we feel the energies of life creates suffering. Accepting ourselves and observing the signals and data our emotions offer brings clarity and truth.

This week is a case and point for me. I heard again yesterday of another child with Prader Willi Syndrome who passed away. That is the 3rd child in 2 weeks. The depth of grief that emerged from my soul has been intense. There are emotions that rise up and sometimes are so heavy it seems you can be overtaken and barely breathe. 

So I have been watching myself move through this. I remind myself that Maggie, my 15 year old with PWS IS here and full of life today. Yet, I had to feel the vastness of this flood of grief that rose up. I shed tears. I told a friend. I journaled.  I allowed myself to feel what was there.  And, when I woke up this morning, it had moved.  Relief came and my joyful spirit returned.

What did the emotions show up to teach me? Be present, more available to what is important: my kids and husband. Life IS temporary. Don't attach to the constant change. Trust it. Flow through it. Relax into it.  Be fully alive today!  Just ENJOY what you have right now.

And, I'm reminded again to give myself permission to feel and allow the emotions to teach me and stretch me and break me if needed so that whatever blocks my light is cracked open.The fullness of our souls come forth as we are real, raw, and accept whatever shows up in the moment. 

I encourage you today to be with whatever you feel and love yourself for the fact you are willing to feel. Ask the emotions what they are here to teach you. You will be amazed at the answers that emerge. 

How might life change if you loved yourself for All you feel and all you are?