Going Deeper in Our Understanding of HOPE and Its Benefits!


I felt it would be worth it to spend one more day offering more questions and ideas on Hope as we begin our journey to understand Goal Meeting.

Hope is the deep, rich motivation force for change.  If someone has no hope, they will become very stuck and may feel despair.

If you or someone you know is stuck--struggling with achieving your goals, if you can come back to the three elements of Hope that I taught yesterday (Goals, Agency and Pathways)  and take time to deeply understand, you may be able to connect to insights or key questions that will help you or someone you love keep moving on the path to Goal Meeting!  (Yesterday's Blog: 
http://harnessyourpower.blogspot.com/2017/04/ready-to-be-more-masterful-in-goal.html .)

Let's make it super simple.  Here are some questions to consider if you feel stuck:

1.  Is your goal clear enough? 
2. Do you believe that you have the power to achieve this goal and are you connected to the motivation within yourself to move forward?
3.  Are you generating and able to visualize multiple pathways to reach this goal?

Why bother with these questions?  Well, if you can better connect to these elements of hope, you will increase your feeling of hopefulness!

Positive psychology research show there are MANY benefits of connecting to hope:  freedom from anxiety and depression, good social relationships and physical well-being.  Hope is also correlated with self-esteem, perceived problem-solving abilities, optimism and a perception of control.

Let this information sink in a bit deeper today.  And, now, let's really personalize this.  Yep, get a pen and paper and start working on the questions I offered above and the ones I'm about to write below.

Think of someone in your life who has a high level of hope.  What do you think makes them so hopeful?

When have YOU felt hopeful?  What was it that allowed you to connect to hope?

My desire is to see you happy and hopeful!  If you feel hope and get moving on your goals, you are going to help this world become better.  If we all feel hopeful and take action on our goals, imagine the energy that might be generated on this planet!

There is plenty of success for us all and what a joy it would be if more of us could more purposefully get on the path to MEETING our Goals!

More to come...I'm going to be sharing more daily tidbits to help you get in Meeting your Goals.

Stay tuned for more!

With a smile,
Patricia Omoqui, The Thought Dr.